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Essence of a Mother: Being Conscious Of The Sacred Moments Of Motherhood


Julie Jensen used to believe that mothering meant being on task–making homemade cupcakes for school birthday parties, chauffeuring her kids to all of their various activities, and so on. But as her Multiple Sclerosis progressed, she was no longer physically able to keep up, and she watched one role after another slip away. It forced her to look inside: Was her value just her physical body and her ability to do and be productive?

Julie soon realized that these activities were far less important than she ever imagined and that the true source of her power came from within. Her children simply needed to be close to her to feel connected. Far too much emphasis is placed on doing and not enough on being. A mother’s real purpose is to endow her children with a deep understanding of connection, love, self-esteem, and compassion while reinforcing the importance of human values. In her heartfelt, encouraging book, Julie shares the lessons she has learned about fostering self-reliance, taking it slow, cultivating radiance, adopting an attitude of gratitude, and being mindful.